DJ Kray-Z-K's Recommended Links

Rezident Management Group

Rezident Management has been the team that has been there through thick and thin. No one is is better than anyone because we all combine to make ONE...a team! From referrals, to bookings, to providing help or ideas on who to use for what your trying to do, Rezident is the group to contact. With their strong presence in Southern California, they are quickly becoming the number one "go to" for your management needs, no matter what type of artist you are.


Hollywood Tans San Diego

Hollywood Tans has been my choice in taning places not only is the customer service excellent at every location I go to but they are in multiple states so as when I travel I can find a location nearby to tan at!! They offer excellent deals and have many choices when it comes to tanning options!

Matt Kirschner Photography

Matt Kirschner, I can say met in Vegas through fate, is a dedicated photographer/videographer who I am working with closely on a few projects to include abstract photo shoots and a year long video piolet to showcase what is really entailed in every day life of a full time DJ. Samples of his work and projects can be viewed on his site.

Worth 1000 Words Photography

Kitty and myself worked together on a shoot recently, December 11, 2010, which turned out more than AMAZING. Because of this project, my headphone sponsor, Earpollution decided to use her photos on their site as promo and in their blog regarding myself. Both of us have agreed we work well together and will work together on future projects as well. Samples of her work and projects can be viewed on her site.

DJ Kray-Z-K Official ReverbNation Profile

As a professional artist in the industry, it is essential to have a ReverbNation Profile not only to promote, but toe connect with fans and other artists. Visit DJ Kray-Z-K's ReverbNation Profile to support DJ Kray-Z-K and the music he spins!

DJ Kray-Z-K Official Myspace Page

Yes, Yes, Yes, just like everyone else and their mother, brother,cousin, best friend, and sisters boyfriends uncles nephew......I have one too!! Check out all the latest shows, pix, upcoming events and even more right here at good 'ol myspace. Between this website and my myspace page, you'll get plenty of info and know where I'm at almost 24/7!!

DJ Kray-Z-K Official Eventvibe Page

If you haven't heard of Eventvibe yet, you will now! Eventvibe only selects DJ's with specific qualities and characteristics to back and sponsor, and DJ Kray-Z-K is one of them as of April 2009. Visit DJ Kray-Z-K's Eventvibe Profile to find up to date information and the whereabouts of DJ Kray-Z-K within the Eventvibe community!

San Diego Film Festival

September 27th - September 30th. This site includes information on all events occuring at the Film Festival. Register and check out all the hottest names in the Film Industry with over 100 sponsors, nightly parties, and first time World Released Films. Hope to se ya there!


Introducing the new "Ocean" cell phone with unbelieveable features amongst many other types, this is where you can get a first glimpse of cell technology at it's finest! Contact Kray-Z-K himself for a hands on demo of the "Ocean" as his secondary promo cell phone made possible by sponsorship through Helio.


Check out all the latest in fashion the urban way! Puma offers the best in urban style from shoes to shirts, hats, and clothes that are awesome!